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SRPR Editors' Prize 2016 Contest Results

Nancy Hewitt, Winner - "The Secret of White"
Leila Chatti, First Runner-Up - "Ramadan Aubade"
Jennie Maria Malboeuf, Second Runner-Up - "Christ is a Great Blue Heron"
Leila Chatti, Honorable Mention - "Autumn Aubade with Pigeons"

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Issue 41.1 is Here!

Cover Image Issue 41.1

Summer 2016 issue (41.1) features poems by Ewa Chrusciel, Ann Hudson, Will Walton, Jerry Harp, Michelle Naka Pierce, and Jeffrey C. Alfier. Also, in this issue you will find new poems by  Brett Foster, the SRPR Illinois Poet of this issue, and who sadly passed away recently. Also, check out the entire review essay by Bruce Bond, who reviews Adam Kirsch's and Karen Solie's poetry books. Cover art by Emmy Lingscheit.  Table of Contents.


For nearly 40 years, SRPR has published the best of a wide range of contemporary poems in English and in translation. While you'll find many well-established poets in SRPR, we are always on the lookout for strong emerging writers, and delight in being the first to publish vibrant new voices. Each biannual issue of SRPR publishes dozens of new poems by contemporary poets from around the world; 10-12 pages of poetry by a featured poet with an Illinois connection; an in-depth interview with our featured poet; and a substantial, critically-informed review essay on new books of contemporary poetry.

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