Past Contest Results



Contest Judge: GC Waldrep

Nancy Hewitt, "The Secret of White" ($1000)

1st Runner-Up:
Leila Chatti, "Ramadan Aubade" ($100)

2nd Runner-Up:
Jennie Maria Malboeuf, "Christ is a Great Blue Heron" ($100)

Honorable Mention:
Leila Chatti, "Autumn Aubade with Pigeons"



Contest Judge: Rachel Zucker (

Julie Marie Wade, "Source Amnesia" ($1000)

1st Runner Up:
Justin Hunt, "Nocturne" ($100)

2nd Runner Up:
Jacqueline Kolosov, "Terra" ($100)

Honorable Mentions:
Emily Rose Cole, "Premonition"
Susan Charkes, "There Are Rumors"
Jacqueline Kolosov, "March Odes"
Lucy Ricciardi, "All of the Above"



Contest Judge: Joshua Corey

Winner: Emma Bolden, "It was no more predictable"

First Runner Up: Jonathan Soen, "Fragments from a Book"

Second Runner Up: Lynne Knight, "The Gospel of Infinity"

Honorable Mention: Emma Bolden, "My little apparition, my little ghost"

Honorable Mention: Kathryn A Hindenlang, "This is the Nature"

Honorable Mention: Tori Grant Welhouse, "mor/bid"

Honorable Mention: Carine Topal, "Bone Jar: The Oven {An Elegy}"

Honorable Mention, Lynne Knight, "Sex"



Contest Judge: Juliana Spahr

First Place ($1000): Jesse Nissim, "Fire"

First Runner Up ($100): Dante Di Stefano, "Praying to Ares After Listening to My Father's Voice Message"

Second Runner Up ($100): Carol Matos, "Goodbye Charlie"

Honorable Mention: Leland James, "A Brief History of the Electric Chair"

Honorable Mention: Susan Charkes, "Conveyance"

Honorable Mention: Michael Sukach, "Poetry Critic: a Found Pastoral"

Honorable Mention: Arne Weingart, "Parenthetical"