SRPR Review Essay

Each issue of SRPR concludes with “The SRPR Review Essay,” a long analytical essay (20-25 pp) that blurs the line between the short, opinion-driven review and the academic article. Each review essay is written by an established poet-critic who situates 3-5 new books of contemporary poetry within relevant conversations concerning poetry and poetics. At least half of the books discussed in the review essay are published by small presses. Recent SRPR review essays include:

Issue 42.1: The Transcendental Circuit by Joshua Corey. A review of books by Ben Lerner, Claudia Rankine, Reginald Gibbons, and Kirill Medvedev. (entire text)

Issue 41.2: To Write the Larger Scene: Notes on the New Political Lyric by John Beer. A review of books by Nathaniel Mackey, Bhanu Kapil, Melissa Buzzeo, and Tyehimba Jess. (entire text)

Issue 41.1: The New in the News: Poetry, Authenticity, and the Historical Imagination by Bruce Bond. A review of books by Karen Solie and Adam Kirsch. (entire text

Issue 40.2: Evolution and Apophatic Thought: A Theological Poetics for Our Time by Jerry Harp. A review of books by Eric Pankey, Michael Robbins, and Kimberly Johnson. (entire text)

Issue 40.1: D U.S. KS by Aracelis Girmay. A review of books by Eduardo C. Corral, Claudia Rankine, and Jean Valentine. (excerpt)

Issue 39.2: Inventions of a Barbarous Age: Contemporary Rhyme in Poetry by Robert Archambeau. A review of books by R. S. Gwynn, Michael Robbins, Amanda Smeltz, and Ben Mazer. (excerpt)

Issue 39.1: Should "I Quit // Making This Poem"? Chris Dombrowsky’s narrative-style review essay on The Ecopoetry Anthology (Editors Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street) and The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral (Editors Joshua Corey, SRPR 37.1 Featured Poet, and G. C. Waldrep). (excerpt)

Issue 38.2: Portals, Placentas, and the Corpus Entire: Three Takes on Ekphrasis by Katy Didden. A review of books by David Wojahn, Forrest Gander, and Sarah Fox. (excerpt)

Issue 38.1: The Golden Age of American Poetry Is Now by Seth Abramson. A review of new books by Anthony Madrid, Chelsey Minnis, and Matt Hart. (entire essay)

Issue 37.2: Torture Memos: Tracing Violence in Contemporary U.S. Poetry by Joyelle McSweeney. A review of new books by Richard Greenfield, Ben Kopel, and Khadijah Queen. (excerpt)

Issue 37.1: Bridging the Distance: Documentation and Disappearance in Performatic Poetry by Becca Klaver. A review of new books by Cecilia Vicuña, Kaia Sand, and Anne Carson. (excerpt)

Issue 36.2: Raising the Net by Michael Theune. A review of new books by Jeff Hilson, Karla Kelsey, Nick Demske, and Joshua Corey. (excerpt)

Issue 36.1: Dressed by Fire by Judith Harris. A review of new books by Jeanne Marie Beaumont and Duriel E. Harris. (excerpt)

Issue 35.2: Like Animals, Like Love by Andrew Osborn. A review of new books by Peter Campion, David Baker, and Melissa Range. (excerpt)

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