Contents - 36.1 Winter/Spring 2011

Kirstin Hotelling Zona

On Our Logo Change

Andrew Osborn (Texas)

Scabs of Ichor

Jeanne Marie Beaumont (New York)

“Clear as Crystal and Completely Calm”

Danielle Pafunda (Wyoming)

The Dead Girls Speak in Unison

Jackie K. White (Illinois)


Kristin Prevallet (New York)

from Everywhere Here and in Brooklyn
(A Four Quartets)

Michelle Levy Schulz (New York)


Gary Hawkins (North Carolina)

The Revolutionary

Jeremy Bass (New York)


Grey Held (Massachusetts)

From the Imaginary Notebook of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Annie Christain (North Dakota)

Orbs Whose Collective Sum Signifies My Age

Caley O’Dwyer (California)

Field Design

Sally Ashton (California)

Follow the Tail Lights

Andrew Miller (Denmark)


A.M. Brandt (Georgia)

A Student in Poetry I is Writing a Poem

Sue D. Burton (Vermont)

Day of the Dead: Betty Would Love Her Sugar Skull

Fiona Sze-Lorrain (France)


Ben Debus (Michigan)

The Abandoned House at 610 Sleepy Hollow Road

Anthony Opal (Illinois)


Austin Smith (Wisconsin)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Aerial Photograph,Glasser Farm, 1972
The Vampire
The Mechanic
The Mummy in the Freeport Art Museum
Romeo and Juliet
in the Tomb
Bedtime Story
The Eclipse
The Field

Kirstin Hotelling Zona and Austin Smith

An Interview with Austin Smith (excerpt)

Melissa Stein (California)

Barn Door

Edward Hirsch (New York)

Prayers of an Unbeliever

Miłosz Biedrzycki (Poland)
Translated by Ewa Chrusciel (New Hampshire)


Nancy K. Pearson (Massachusetts)

Bird in Space

Linda Strever (Washington)

How to Love

Brian Patrick Heston (Pennsylvania)


Brian Lowe (Illinois)

On Having the Time

Jamaal May (Michigan)

Still Life

Spring Ulmer (Vermont)

from Behind the Place of Nothingness

Joseph Dorazio (Pennsylvania)

Make No Bones About It

Stella Vinitchi Radulescu (Illinois)

The Name

Matthew J. Spireng (New York)

Holt Cemetery, New Orleans

Tim Hunt (Illinois)


Joseph O. Legaspi (New York)

Threshold of Revelation

Annie Boutelle (Massachusetts)

Caravaggio’s Mandrakes

Maria Terrone (New York)

Happiness as Viewed Through Wings and a White Mask

Bill Morgan (Illinois)

Body Language

Francesc M. Franch (Maryland)

Daft Advice

Jan Conn (Massachusetts)

Oystercatcher School

Alexander Landfair (New York)

From the Samaritan’s Notebook

Christy Ferrato (Colorado)

First Date

Maya Jewell Zeller (Washington)

The Filling

Lynnell Edwards (Kentucky)

A Is for Apple

Margherita Guidacci (Italy)
Translated by Jessica Levine (California)

The Sages Are Always Right

Kathleen Spivack (Massachusetts)

How I Got Over

Judith Harris (Washington, D.C.)

The SRPR Review Essay:Dressed by Fire (excerpt)