Contents - 37.1 Winter/Spring 2012

Nadine France Martine Pinede (Indiana)

French Leave

Hoa Nguyen (Canada)

Can’t Help It

Jean Valentine (New York)

The Helicopter,

Lauren Camp (New Mexico)


Marielle Prince (Virginia)

Notes from the Horizon
Seven Insomnia

Brett Foster (Illinois)

Address to a Ghost

Matthew Guenette (Wisconsin)


Norman Fischer (California)


Sophie Grimes (Illinois)

Delineation of the American Prison System
Grandma in Late Summer
Chinese Ink Scroll

Oliver Strand (Maryland)

The Love Poems

Hyesim (Korea)
Translated by Ian Haight (Guam)
and T'ae-yŏng Hŏ (Guam)

Magnolia, the Lotus of Trees

Joanne Kyger (California)

Hey Thanks
Poem Beginning with a Line by Philip Lamantia

Marcela Sulak (Israel)

La Malinche’s Love-Songs to Hernando Cortez
Mercy, a Double Sonnet

Joshua Corey (Illinois)
Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet

The Millions
A Painful Case
Clandestine Dead Animal Poem
Material Witness
Seek the Faceless Sun of Being
“Though He Was SometimesInsane and I Was Not That”
The Barons

Kirstin Hotelling Zona and Joshua Corey

The SRPR Interview: Joshua Corey (excerpt)

Rachel Zucker (New York)

I’m Nobody You Are Too

Liz Gerber (Virginia)

Sonnet to John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Elizabeth Chanler

Yu Xiang (China)
Translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (France)

My Poem

Kathleen Kirk (Illinois)

Muriel’s Wedding on the Banks of Sugar Creek in an Alternate Universe Searching for Mussels & Retreating to a Convent

Karen Holmberg (Oregon)

Something Hard Under the Skin

Stephen Lackaye (Oregon)


Kirk Robinson (Indiana)


Jane Lin (New Mexico)

Vermont Revision

Lyn Lifshin (Virginia)

Curling on the Bottom of My Mother’s Bed

Jason Tandon (Massachusetts)

April Snow

Jeff Friedman (New Hampshire)

Spreading the Son
About the Ears

Andrea O’Rourke (Georgia)

Too Educated

Ellen LaFleche (Massachusetts)

Sister Beatrice Finds Small Pleasures in Every Room in the Convent

Holms Troelstrup (Illinois)


Shin Yu Pai (Arkansas)

May apple

Rebecca Eland (Colorado)


Shane McCrae (Iowa)


Becca Klaver (New York)

The SRPR Review Essay: Bridging the Distance: Documentation and Disappearance in Performance Poetry (excerpt)