Contents - 38.1 Summer 2013

Issue 38.1 features new poems by Rusty Morrison, Tamiko Beyer, Michael Burkard, Danielle Pafunda, Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin, Kevin Craft, Doug Ramspeck, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Jason Tandon, Zack Finch, Sharon Dolin, Kit Robinson, and many others! You'll also find a selection of new poems by our Featured Poet, Allison Joseph, plus an in-depth interview with Joseph by poet-critic Ann Hudson. Seth Abramson caps off the issue with a provocative, scintillating essay on contemporary poetry, "The Golden Age of American Poetry is Now," in which he reviews new books by Anthony Madrid, Chelsey Minnis, and Matt Hart. Cover art by Ella Zona.

Kirstin Hotelling Zona (Illinois)

Letter from the Editor

Rusty Morrison (California)


Gywnn O’Gara (California)

The House of Masks

Bradford Tice (Nebraska)

Psyche Incites a Riot
The Wedding Night

Tamiko Beyer (Massachusetts)

The Water in You

Lyn Lifshin (Virginia)

Blue Tattoo

Michael Burkard (New York)

Death in Reverse

Virginia Bell (Illinois)

“The fourth is named Estevanico”
They Called Me una India,Take Two

Eva Hooker (Indiana)

Mercy as a Form of Economy

Danielle Pafunda (Wyoming)

The Dead Girls Speak in Unison

Krystyna Lenkowska (Poland)
Translated by by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough (Massachusetts) and Teresa Cader (Massachusetts)

The Knife with a Red Handle

Amaranth Borsuk (Washington) and Kate Durbin (California)
Illustrated by Zach Kleyn (California)

from Abra

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram (Utah)


Melissa Holmes (Washington)

An Unkindness of Ravens
A Discussion of Desire

Allison Joseph (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
How We Met
Apologies to the Biker Babe
Why Poets Should Dance
Terzanelle for Two Writers
What Your Poetry Teacher
Longs to Say
Peak Versus Peek
Elegy for Defunct Department Stores
Occupational Lies About My Father
Running While the Campus Sleeps
Jump Rope: A Requiem

Allison Joseph and Ann Hudson (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview: Allison Joseph (excerpt)

Julie Marie Wade (Florida)


Ann Minoff (New Jersey)


Francisco de Oraá (Cuba)
Translated by Patricia Davis (Virginia)

Circular, Whitewashed Rose

Kevin Craft (Washington)

Entanglement (Sombrero)

Emma King (New York)

serg, velo

Susan Briante (Texas)

Three Hours South

Doug Ramspeck (Ohio)

Day Elegies

dg nanouk okpik (New Mexico)


Lesléa Newman (Massachusetts)

Viet Nam

Clayton Adam Clark (Missouri)

Wind Farm

Faith Shearin (West Virginia)

Doom Town

Don Schofield (Greece)

Lost Tribe

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra (India)

Picking Pole
The Machete

Jason Tandon (Massachusetts)

In the Calm

Zack Finch (Vermont)

Petite Mortes
How the Moon Grew Round
Over Time
The Promise of Happiness

Sharon Dolin (New York)

Events Themselves Are Impersonal and Indifferent

Kit Robinson (California)

Triumph of the Underdog
Keystone Korner

Steve Abbott (Ohio)

Stardust in Franklin Park

Seth Abramson (Wisconsin)

The SRPR Review Essay: The Golden Age of American Poetry Is Now (entire essay)