Contents - 39.1 Summer 2014

Katharyn Howd Machan (New York)

Fox Watches, Refusing to Smile

Bill Edmondson (California)

Trinity River

John Goodhue (Washington)

Creation Myth
Woman Ironing

Eric Ham (Missouri)

Trike for Short

Jaydn DeWald (Georgia)

The Connoisseurs

Jennifer Schomburg Kanke (Florida)

Not Understanding Confinement, the Selkie Doesn’t See the Big Deal About Shoes

Emily Grelle (California)

December 16th, 1916: From Felix to Rasputin

David McLoghlin (New York)

Talking About It

Victoria Korth (New York)

Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy

Ryan Hibbett (Illinois)

Cloud Tutorial

Clayton Eshleman (Michigan)

Posthumous Mask
A New Umbilicus

T. J. Sandella (Ohio)

Anniversary in Three Parts

Jeffrey Alfier (California)

Canticle for Travel to Bad Durkheim

Andrew Schelling (Colorado)

Emerald Tablet

Rebecca Eland Wenrick (California)

Mind the Gap

Patsy Kisner (West Virginia)

The Old House

Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi (California)

Twisting with Mom

Rachel Jamison Webster (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Dream Life
Two-Sided Puzzle
It is Not Dust We Are Becoming
Yesterday Was a Month
A Load of Darks

From Mary is a River

Rachel Jamison Webster and Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview: Rachel Jamison Webster (excerpt)

Candice Wuehle (Iowa)

The Word

Britton Shurley (Kentucky)

If Your Wife Should Ever Glance Backward and be Turned to a Pillar of Salt

Christina Lutz (Florida)

Asking Her Father Where Her Mother Went

Deborah Pfeiffer (Massachusetts)

Watching the Poem Break
Leningrad, 1973

Michael Derrick Hudson (Indiana)

The Nature Channel After Eight Cans of Malt Liquor

Beth Filson (Massachusetts)

What Death Is: When the Trees Want Back Their Own

Shawn Fawson (Colorado)

I Tell No One This is My Life (I)
I Tell No One This is My Life (II)
I Tell No One This is My Life (III)

Emily Hipchen (Georgia)

No Pleasure

Maggie Gerrity (Pennsylvania)

Dreaming of Ingrid Bergman

Rachel Trousdale (Massachusetts)

Five-Paragraph Essay on the Body-Mind Problem

Christine Marshall (North Carolina)

Elegy for Twins (Antigone)

Philip C. Kolin (Mississippi)

Mamie Till’s Veil
The Jet Photo

Emily Hockaday (New York)

Amtrak at Twilight

Andrea Witzke Slot (Illinois)

Blood Ties

Kathleen Kirk (Illinois)

Funeral Flag

Chloe Anne Campbell (North Carolina)

Excerpts from A Self-Portrait in the Many Worlds Theory

Chris Dombrowski (Montana)

The SRPR Review Essay: Should “I quit // making this poem”? (excerpt)