Contents - 39.2 Winter 2014

Joshua Corey, Judge (Illinois)

Judge’s Introduction to “It was no more predictable,” SRPR Editors’ Prize Winner 2014

First Place: Emma Bolden (Georgia)

It was no more predictable

Runner-up: Jonathan Wertheim-Soen (Israel)

Fragments from the Book of Place

Runner-up: Lynne Knight (California)

The Gospel of Infinity

Honorable Mention: Emma Bolden (Georgia)

My little apparition, My little ghost

Honorable Mention: Kathryn
Hindenlang (California)

This Is the Nature

Honorable Mention: Tori Grant
Welhouse (Wisconsin)

mor • bid

Honorable Mention: Carine Topal (California)

Bone Jar: The Oven {An Elegy}

Honorable Mention: Lynne Knight (California)


Kevin McLellan (Massachusetts)


Jose A. Alcantara (Colorado)

The First Rule of Poetry

Nate Pillman (Arizona)

Making Cliffs

Jim Daniels (Pennsylvania)

Man with Child, July, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Jennifer Neely (Illinois)


Colin Reed Moon (Wyoming)

Purpose of Poets in the 21st Century

Ching-In Chen (Wisconsin)

Testimony J (m. Lao)

Allison Eir Jenks (Wisconsin)

The Hedonist

Rachel Jamison Webster (Illinois)

Red Pillow

C. C. Reid (Washington, DC)


Angie Boissevain (California)

With Barbara

William Greenway (Ohio)

The Unusual Dreams

Nora Frazin (Illinois)


Jacob Saenz (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
The Lot as Boxing Ring
After the Game
Doing Your Dead Father’s Dishes
Poem for the Grandmother
In the Time of the Bachelor
The Bachelor Makes Dinner
The Bachelor Gets Ready for a Wedding
The Bachelor Goes to a Wedding

Jacob Saenz and Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview: Jacob Saenz (excerpt)

Connie Post (California)

Travel Guide

Suzanne Marie Roszak (California)

Interview with La Peregrina

J. F. Spillane (California)


Alec Finlay (Scotland)

Global Oracle: a Work of Prophetic Science

M. K. Sukach (Virginia)


Rachel Trousdale (Massachusetts)

Five-Paragraph Essay on the Mind-Body Problem

Elizabeth Rees (Maryland)

Poet Lady Learns From the Masters

Charles Herbert (South Carolina)


Michael Joyce (New York)

After Catullus

Lisa Haag Kang (Missouri)

Sweet Nothings

Simon Peter Eggertsen (New York)

Arc Welding at Kandahar

Sally J. Johnson (North Carolina)


Don Schofield (Greece)

Losing Lista

Zhang Er (China)
Translated by Bob Holman (Washington)

Camera Lens

Francine J. Harris (Michigan)

the day after 12 Years a Slave

Katerina Raya Bacher (California)

Chains of Thread

Suanne Fetherolf (New Jersey)

Evening, Mother

Justin Vicari (Pennsylvania)

Middlebury, Vermont, 1952

Robert Archambeau (Illinois)

The SRPR Review Essay: Inventions of a Barbarous Age: Contemporary Rhyme in Poetry (excerpt)