Contents - 40.1 Summer 2015

Michael Hurley (Illinois)

Hands, Cupped

James Ducat (California)

Invisible Man

Charlene Langfur (California)

Starting Over Any Way Possible

Sally Jaskold (Maine)

God’s Calculus

Linda Wojtowick (Oregon)


Gretchen Primack (New York)

Don’t Let Him Be Lonely

Susan Terris (California)

Tiger Dream

Henry Kearney, IV (Italy)

Self-Fulfilling Epistolary

Peter Nathaniel Malae (Oregon)


C. M. Rivers (New York)


Gwen Seymour (Massachusetts)

Just Like Every Other Night

Calgary Martin (Illinois)

Crown Heights

Doug Ramspeck (Ohio)

The Phlebotomist’s Song

Mercedes Lawry (Washington)

I Am Still the Widow

David Mohan (Ireland)


Katie Ford (California)

Triolet with Two at the Hill

Tom Pescatore (Pennsylvania)


Brittney Scott (Virginia)

Nighttime Hymnal

Katy Didden (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet (excerpt)

Katy Didden and Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview:Katy Didden (excerpt)

Ginny Wiehardt (New York)

On Coming Across Christina’s World at the Museum of Modern Art

Sade Murphy (Indiana)

self portrait: Russian sage and solitude in a mandala

Caitlin Vance (New York)

The Wedding Picture

Derek JG Williams (Massachusetts)

Any Altar

Gala Mukomolova (Michigan)

At the Pound

Nora Hickey (New Mexico)

This Road Is a River

Erin Rodoni (California)

Circumference of a Jar

Kelly Talbot (Indiana)


Christine Marshall (North Carolina)

Elegy for Twins (Antigone)

Jason Tandon (Massachusetts)

What Jack Next Door Remembers about Vietnam

Leonard Schwartz (Washington)

Like Achilles’ Shield

G. C. Waldrep (Pennsylvania)


Sally Jaskold (Maine)

Let Thy Words Be Few

Sarah Vap (California)

From Viability

Tara Ballard (Alaska)

The Voice of Peace

Gloria Keeley (California)

Cootie Loved Be Bop

francine j. harris (Michigan)

between sex

Lana I. Ghannam (Florida)

Names My Arab Mother Gives Me

Sarah A. Chavez (West Virgina)

Thirteen and Catholic

Byron Beynon (Wales)

Woman in an Arch of Trees

Kathryne Lim (New Mexico)

Magdalena, NM

Michael Hurley (Illinois)

Ten Heavens

Sam Witt (Massachusetts)

Seascape from a Ferris Wheel

Susie O’Keeffe (Maine)

Train #7, North Dakota

Kiki Petrosino (Kentucky)


Charles Thomas (Tennessee)

and then

Peter Schwartz (Massachusetts)

Q & A

Lana I. Ghannam (Florida)

Good Rest, Uncle

Michael Hurley (Illinois)

The Opposite

JR Tappenden (Missouri)

Tuesday Devotion

Aracelis Girmay (New York)

The SRPR Review Essay: D U.S. KS (excerpt)