Contents - 40.2 Winter 2015

Rachel Zucker, Judge (New York)

Judge’s Introduction to “Source Amnesia”
by Julie Marie Wade, SRPR Editors’Prize Winner 2015

First Place: Julie Marie Wade (Florida)

Source Amnesia

Runner-Up: Justin Hunt (North Carolina)


Runner-Up: Jaqueline Kolosov (Texas)


Honorable Mention: Emily Rose Cole (Illinois)


Honorable Mention: Susan Charkes (Pennsylvania)

There Are Rumors

Honorable Mention: Jaqueline Kolosov (Texas)

March Odes

Honorable Mention: Lucy Ricciardi (Connecticut)

All of the Above

Rebecca Hazelton (Illinois)

The Other City

Angela Narciso Torres (Illinois)

What I Learned This Week
To Replace a Tree Eaten by Ash Borers Requires a New Vocabulary

Jonah Mixon-Webster (Illinois)

Psalm 6:6
Black Boy Blank

Laura Van Prooyen (Texas)

Dark Praise

Andrew Schelling (Colorado)

The Way to Pawnee Peak

Joshua Mensch (Czech Republic)

The Order of Animals
Man and Horse in Landscape

David Wagoner (Washington)


Meg Day (Pennsylvania)

Nocturne for My Brother in 1East

Amanda Tumminaro (Illinois)


Sarah Sousa (Massachussetts)

Wyeth Paints Her Room

Michelle Lewis (Maine)

Ophelia as Sea Urchin Looks at Photographs

Julie Henson (Indiana)


Khadijah Queen (Colorado)

Bodies of Water
When we met Tupac

Paige Hill Starzinger (New York)


Laura Passin (Oregon)

Techniques for Preserving the Body
“Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona”

Roger Reeves (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Let Us Each Put Out Our Good Eyes
King of the Dead
The Lawn White and Heavy
Stranger in the Village
from On Paradise

Roger Reeves and Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview: Roger Reeves

Leslie Williams (Massachussetts)

In Which the Bread Crumbs Were Eaten by Birds

Gretchen Primack (New York)

Eastern Correctional Institution

Monica McClure (New York)

from Boss

Louisa A. Igloria (Virgina)

King Cake

Joshua Corey (Illinois)

from Hannah and the Master

Doug James (Connecticut)

Red Tide

Christine Starr Davis (Nebraska)

Chess and Computers

Bin Ramke (Colorado)

Objects and Arrows

Ally Bebbling (Maine)

[We gallop to the granite top]

Bruce Bond (Texas)


Jerry Harp (Oregon)

The SRPR Review Essay: Evolution and Apophatic Thought: A Theological Poetics for Our Time