Contents - 41.1 Summer 2016

Austin Smith (California)

To Go to Freeport

Ewa Chrusciel (New Hampshire)

Mourning the Loss
Teaching Bishop’s “Moose”

Tyler Kline (Pennsylvania)

What’s Underneath Must Be Examined & Released

Chris Pusateri (Colorado)

sound grammar

Brandi Nicole Martin (Florida)

Dear Happiness,

Elizabeth Knapp (Maryland)

Self-Portrait as the Love Child of Kurt Cobain and Emily Dickinson

Ann Hudson (Illinois)

Work, 1922
Work, 1936

Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles (Philippines)
Trans. by Kristine Ong Muslim


Stephanie Kaplan Cohen (New York)

I Know Rivers

Will Walton (Georgia)

A Sunday Morning with Southern Baptists
Solar Noon

Kathleen Hellen (Maryland)

Power Lines

Jerry Harp (Oregon)

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Sara Schultz (Colorado)

Forbidden Syllables

Francesca Bell (California)

In the Rush Creek Open Space Preserve

Doug Ramspeck (Ohio)

Feral Mornings

Joshua Butts (Ohio)

Nude, Miss Bentham

Alicia Mountain (Montana)

The Smallest Thaw

Sharon Kunde (California)

Mammal Surprise

Michelle Naka Pierce (Colorado)

from lunarium

Jen DeGregorio (New Jersey)

Nature Center

Amy Elizabeth Hansen (Michigan)

Family Disease
Union County

Tiah Lindner Raphael (Oregon)


Brett Foster

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Joanne Diaz on Brett Foster
Kim Johnson on “O Capolavoro”
O Capolavoro
Scott Cairns on “Improbable Rescue of the Heart”
Improbable Rescue of the Heart
Joanne Diaz on “July Fourth, with Vampires”
July Fourth, with Vampires
Rick Barot on “Upon Watching Once Again
The Empire Strikes Back”
Upon Watching Once Again The Empire
Strikes Back
Christian Wiman on “The Days We Have”
The Days We Have
Monica Youn on “Passing Thought on Apocalypse”
Passing Thought on Apocalypse

David A. Porter (Cyprus)


Jeffrey C. Alfier (California)

Nearing End of Summer in Champagne-
What We Take Home from McCormick
Hotel Café

Eleanor Levine (Pennsylvania)


Stephanie McCarley Dugger (Tennessee)


Carrie Shipers (Wisconsin)

Within My Reach

Melissa Queen (Washington)

Ophelia to Hamlet,Who Touches Her Hair

Kelley Nebosky (Indiana)

Hearing Our Wedding Song Coming from the Kitchen Radio While Sitting on the
Couch Feeding Our Newborn Son

Heather Altfeld (California)

A Walk to Caesarea

Roger Pfingston (Indiana)

Failed Rapture

Amanda Hope (Massachusetts)

Covering Tracks in the Snow

Natasha Dennerstein (California)

Serial Aileen

Marc Tretin (New York)

The Rubber Gloves

Susan Comninos (New York)

I Don’t Think He Had Any Intention to Hire

Adam Tavel (Maryland)

House Hunters

Lauro Palomba (Ontario)

Tempest Mourning

Steve Abbott (Ohio)

Poste Lake

R. M. Haines (Texas)

At the Turn

Charlie Clark (Texas)

The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

Hannah Dow (Mississippi)

The World is Throwing Me a Surprise Party

Scott Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Abandoned Christmas Tree Farm

Todd Follett (California)

The Kids of Walpole

Nels Hanson (California)

Smokehouse Room

Christopher T. Keaveney (Oregon)

Secret Handshake of the Minor Bachs

Bruce Bond (Texas)

The SRPR Review Essay: The New in the News: Poetry, Authenticity, and the Historical Imagination