Contents - 42.1 Summer 2017

Amang (Taiwan)
Trans. by Steve Bradbury (Florida)

As We Embrace
She Says
She Said She Couldn’t Find Me Last Night and Asked If I’d Been with a Man
War Flick

Nikki Wallschlaeger (Wisconsin)

Middle Passage Messaging Service

Ewa Chrusciel

A Prayer of a Nonmigrant
Refugee's Poem
Left-to-Die Boat
Archangel Appears to a Migrant

Mary Newell (New York)


Jennifer Hayashida (New York)

Taxonomy of a Paternal Homunculus

Laura Goldstein (Illinois)

from the golden infection

Timothy Yu (Wisconsin)

Chinese Dream 18
Chinese Dream 19
Chinese Dream 7

Magdalena Zurawski (Georgia)

Of Liberation

Merrill Cole (Illinois)

Johnny in Lights
The Hip Poet
Defense Mechanism

Laura Cesarco Eglin (Minnesota)

Toward Letting Go

Vidhu Aggarwal (Florida)

Dataflexible: “My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun"
Swastika 1.0

Blake Lee Pate (Texas)

Seven Times Performing the Immaculate Self

Ruben Quesada (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Kingdom Come
To a Poet on the Planet
This Is the Way the World Ends
It Comes in the Night
Woman in Black
Watching R. Budd Dwyer

Ruben Quesada and Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview: Ruben Quesada

Leslie Sainz (Florida)

The Treasure of the Patient: Metal, Wire, Bronze and 5 Birds: Enrique Martinez Celaya: 2015
Pastoral with the Ghost of Desi Arnaz

Lisa Rose Bradford (Argentina)

Black Boulder Love

Annar Veröld (Texas)

fairytale bang bang

Lisa Marie Basile (New York)

"I am plagued with dreams of other men"

Ida Börjel (Sweden)
Trans. by Jennifer Hayashida (New York)


Robert Parrott (Colorado)

I Used to Be a Fish, but Now I Am a Stone

Claire Marie Stancek (California)

from [oil spell]

Ji yoon Lee (Texas)

Love Me Tender, Cloth Mother
Wire Me Money, Wire Mother

Nick Demske (Wisconsin)

This Is Not a Prayer
Back That Badge Up (Explicit Version)

Casey Rocheteau (Michigan)

The Obsession Is with Death, Ultimately
Still Life with Sirens and Corpse Mounds

Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II (Illinois)

The Bright Idea

Kathryn Ann Young (Indiana)

Day Dream #1,475

Joshua Corey (Illinois)

The SRPR Review Essay: The Transcendental Circuit