Contents - 35.2 Summer/Fall 2010

Kirstin Hotelling Zona, Editor (Illinois)

From the Editor
Editors' Prize Winners

Aviva Englander Cristy (Wisconsin)


Andrew Schelling (Colorado)

from the Arapaho Songbook

Brandon Krieg (Illinois)


Sharon Bentley (Illinois)


Page Hill Starzinger (New York)


Eva Hooker (Indiana)


Andrew Osborn (Texas)

Subtractive Nativity

Brian Patrick Heston (Pennsylvania)

On the Verge

Kristin Robertson (Georgia)

White Birds

Mieczyslaw Jastrun (Poland)
Translated by Jeff Friedman (New Hampshire) and Dzvinia Orlowsky (Massachusetts)


Emily Carr (Canada)

from “state of grace”

Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Uncle Ming Pinched Me
Demeter’s Last Stand
Take Up and Read
On the Meeting of Larry David and Antonin Artaud
77 Porter Street
The anatomy of my melancholy

Kirstin Hotelling Zona and Joanne Diaz

An Interview with Joanne Diaz (excerpt)

Joan Hutton Landis (Pennsylvania)

Ladies, Of Course

Michael Joyce (New York)

Prepositional Poetics

Landon Godfrey (North Carolina)

Hotel Bed

Jeff Friedman (New Hampshire)

Of Chickadees and Chickpeas

Mike Puican (Illinois)

Man Digging Sidewalk

Jeffrey Harrison (Massachusetts)


Bruce Guernsey (Illinois)

For My Wife, Cutting My Hair

James Engelhardt (Nebraska)

Wife Speaks

Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Judge (New York)

Judge’s Introduction to “Abrams Creek” by Nancy K.Pearson, Editors’ Prize Winner 2010

First Place: Nancy K. Pearson (Massachusetts)

Abrams Creek

Runner-up: Charles Atkinson (California)

Slow Waking Song, Apart

Runner-up: Alexander Landfair (New York)

A Map

Honorable Mention: Rebekah Dinnerstein (New York)

each time

Honorable Mention: Kelly J. Lund (Illinois)

Parts of Speech

Honorable Mention: Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach (Oregon)

This is where I keep you.

Melissa Stein (California)

dead heat

Gerald George (Maine)

from Rachel Weeping

Julia Drauden (Illinois)

The Path of Least Resistance

Karin Boye (Sweden)
Translated by Michael Joyce (New York) and Gabriella Frykhamn (Sweden)

Yes of course it hurts

James Longenbach (New York)

London Bridge

Lucia Getsi (South Carolina)


Naomi Buck Palagi (Indiana)


Ewa Chrusciel (New Hampshire)

if evanescences

Kirsten Jones Neff (California)

Late Rain

Andrew Osborn (Texas)

The SRPR Review Essay: Like Animals, Like Love (excerpt)