Contents - 36.2 Summer/Fall 2011

C. S. Giscombe, Judge (California)

Judge's Introduction to " Chapter VII: When You Stand in Front of the Coffeed Moths," by Jennie Ray, Editors' Prize Winner 2011

First Place: Jennie Ray (New York)

Chapter VII: When You Stand in Front of the Coffeed Moths

Runner-up: Craig Blais (Florida)

After We Disembark and Spend the Day on the Island While the Ship's Repaired, I Board Alone, Flip through a Chinese Resaurant Calendar, and WriteThree Poems to Express My Feelings

Runner-up: Ben Purkert (New York)

I Love Like a Fork

Honorable Mention: Miles Waggener (Nebraska)

The Bulb

Honorable Mention: Molly Tustison (Minnesota)

Corporeal: Figure in the Lake

Honorable Mention: Neal A. Shipley (Indiana)


Honrable Mention: Suzume (Connecticut)


Honrable Mention: Laura Sherwood Rudish
(New Jersey)

One Earth Revolution

Arielle Greenberg (Maine)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
The Wicker Man
Or, Down the Rabbit Hole
Song from the Second Month Weary: a Zodiac
Conscientious Even When Unconscious
Tuition Dependent Institution
When You Feel Like Crying at a Faculty Meeting
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Kind of Prayer with a Few Statements That Could Be Lies in It
I was reading an article
[By the door]

Kirstin Hotelling Zona and Arielle Greenberg

The SRPR Interview: Arielle Greenberg (excerpt)

Amy Eisner (Maryland)

Who Dreams of Lightning, Permanence

A. J. Collins (Pennsylvania)

from A Sentencing

Jon Boisvert (Oregon)


Larry Bradley (Vermont)

His Resolve
His Music

Rosa Alice Branco (Portugal)
Translated by Alexis Levitin (New York)

A Drawing of Water
Nomads of the Other

Francine Marie Tolf (Minnesota)

Veal Calf

Randall Couch (Pennsylvania)

In the Mirror

Eric Ellingsen (Germany)

the felt felt

Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca (Spain)
Translated by Eric Ellingsen (Germany)


Karin Gottshall (Vermont)

Love Poem

Monica Wendel (New York)

In Supermarkets in Italy, You Have to Put on Gloves to Touch the Bananas

Jeanne Marie Beaumont (New York)

Letter from Limbo

Ryan J. Browne (Alabama)

Red domestic ensemble

Joanne Dominique Dwyer (New Mexico)


James Ineich (North Carolina)

The Committee on How Tall Things Are

William Wright (Georgia)

Eclogue: Drowning

Noel Conneely (Ireland)


Angie Macri (Arkansas)

Searcy and Stone

Hilary Vaughn Dobel (Massachusetts)

Welcome to Scenic Cannon Beach

Padma Thornlyre (Colorado)

Mavka #9
Mavka #32

Slobodanka Strauss (Massachusetts)

As He Lay Dying

Richard Schiffman (New York)

Fate of Vapors

Leonore Hildebrandt (Maine)

Two Logs

Jason Sack (New York)

Portrait of Moonlight

Michael Theune (Illinois)

The SRPR Review Essay:Raising the Net (excerpt)