Contents - 37.2 Winter 2012

David Baker, Judge (Ohio)

Judge's Introduction to "A Moment for AuthenticShine" by William Stobb, Editors' Prize Winner 2012

First Place: William Stobb (Wisconsin)

A Moment for Authentic Shine

Runner-up: Rebecca Warren (North Carolina)

All of us

Runner-up: Sarah Sousa (Massachusetts)

The way you don’t have to see

Honorable Mention: Aviva Englander
Cristy (Wisconsin)

The Accuracy of String and Measure

Honorable Mention: Anna Marie
Craighead-Kintis (Illinois)


Honorable Mention: Veronica Patterson (Colorado)

The Etymology of Intersect

Michele Battiste (Colorado)

The Rebel Tells of Her Creation

Joanna Cattonar (New Mexico)

House in Snow

Stephen Massimilla (New York)

After Reading Schopenhauer’s Law as Will and Whatever
Little Wheels Burning Past Me by the Port Authority

Helmut Salzinger (Germany)
Translated by Clara Burns (Colorado)


Gabriel Gudding (Illinois)

from Rivers for Animals

Jack Collom (Colorado)

An Eco-Yodel

John Fenlon Hogan (New York)

Ferret Legging

Jennifer Militello (New Hampshire)

A Dictionary of Sun and Sea in the Voice of Icarus

Linda Gregerson (Michigan)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Her Argument for the Existence of God
Ovid in Exile
From the Life of St. Peter
1. His Shadow
2. The Death of Ananias
3. The Tribute Money
4. The Expulsion
5. The Baptism of the Neophytes
“…More Instructive than a Long Trip to Europe”

Joanne Diaz and Linda Gregerson

The SRPR Interview: Linda Gregerson (excerpt)

Laynie Browne (Pennsylvania)

from Written at Bedside

Melissa Cundieff-Pexa (Tennessee)

Apology to My Daughter

Lisa Samuels (New Zealand)

Peephole metaphysics

Christina Stoddard (Tennessee)

Half-Assed Declaration of Independence

Becca Shaw Glaser (New York)

Love Poem

Josiah Bancroft (Pennsylvania)

Mister Iron

Ewa Chrusciel (New Hampshire)

from Contraband of Hoopoe

Gabriel Welsch (Pennsylvania)


Laura Van Prooyen (Texas)

Blue Nude

Patricia Davis (Virginia)

Naucrate Considers the Sparrows

Andrew Schelling (Colorado)

from Book II: A Possible Bag

Ricardo Pau-Llosa (Florida)

Conversion Man

Jonathan Skinner (Maine)

Net Full of Humans

Kathleen Spivack (Massachusetts)

You Will Think of the Word “Replenishment”

Tyler Mills (Illinois)


Michelle Gil-Montero (Pennsylvania)

Attached Houses

Naomi Buck Palagi (Indiana)


Adrian Matejka (Illinois)

Le voyage danse la lune

Cynthia Cruz (New York)

Fatigue Empire

Joyelle McSweeney (Indiana)

The SRPR Review Essay: Torture Memos: TracingViolence in Contemporary U.S. Poetry (excerpt)